Roli Seaboard midi Keyboard

Connects with other products in the block series, to create a fuller sound.
The Roli Seaboard Block Studio Edition (SEABOARD-BLOCK-SE) lets you play with unparalleled expression on the most compact and versatile model of ROLI's award-winning Seaboard. Now with ROLI Studio software.
The most compact expressive keyboard:
  • 24 keywave playing surface
  • 5D Touch technology for intuitive sound shaping
  • 100s of MPE sounds in ROLI Studio for desktop
  • Groundbreaking tools for creating tracks faster
  • Connects to other Blocks with magnetic connectors
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Award-winning design and technology
Make every movement musical
Touch your sound on Seaboard Block's uniquely responsive surface. Expression is at your fingertips with Five Dimensions of Touch.
Introducing ROLI Studio
Seaboard Block is powered by ROLI Studio, a new suite of desktop software that combines industry-leading sounds, effects, and production tools.
  • 2 plugins: ROLI Studio Player & ROLI Studio Drums
  • 500+ sounds, including 300+ MPE sounds
  • Presets from Equator, Cypher2, Strobe2 synths
  • Expansive audio effects and macros
  • Groundbreaking production tools like Smart Chords
  • Intuitive, easily navigable interfaces
Reimagine your sound with ROLI Studio Player
Discover incredibly textured sounds and inspiring production tools in ROLI Studio Player. 200+ acoustic, hybrid-acoustic and synth presets are included, most with MIDI Polyphonic Expression (MPE) dimensionality.
Craft beats with ROLI Studio Drums
Complete your track with ROLI Studio Drums, an MPE plugin that revolutionizes beat-making. Playing percussion sounds is as easy as shaping melodies on Seaboard Block's responsive surface.
Tools for composing and producing faster
ROLI Studio has groundbreaking tools for producing tracks more creatively.
  • Smart Chords: play chords with every note in ROLI Studio Player
  • Multi-Layered Arpeggiator: create rhythmic sequences with 3 arp layers in ROLI Studio Player
  • Macros and effects: adjust your sound in real time with 3 macro controls and 4 effects slots
An array of supporting software
ROLI Studio is at the center of a vast array of software tools that come with Seaboard Block Studio Edition.
FULL license to Strobe2, the acclaimed synth from FXpansion. Includes 1100+ classic synth sounds, plus an analogue modelling engine for creating your own.
Tracktion Waveform 8
Create your tracks in a DAW built from the ground up for MPE-based productions. Tracktion Waveform performs seamlessly with the Seaboard's multidimensional expressive surface, and includes powerful but approachable editing tools.
ROLI Dashboard
Take control of DAWs and plugins with your Blocks. ROLI Dashboard gives you everything you need to configure BLOCKS for your workflow, including custom apps for Logic Pro, Ableton Live and GarageBand.
ROLI Connect
Your gateway to music production. The ROLI Connect cloud platform lets you manage your Blocks, download your software suite, and more.
Push the limits of musical creativity with a 6 month free trial of Max MSP, a free-form environment for plug-in development.
A Block that slots into your workflow
It's easier than ever to enhance any project, and improve your workflow with Seaboard Block.
ROLI Studio: load ROLI Studio Player and ROLI Studio Drums as plugins in your DAW, or as standalone apps
ROLI Dashboard: customize your Block to control DAW features and your favorite software tools
Expands in a snap
Seaboard Block is part of an award-winning system of modular controllers. Expand it in a snap through magnetic connectors.
  • Connect multiple Seaboard Blocks to extend your keyboard
  • Connect to Lightpad Block, a versatile pad controller for playing beats and controlling effects
  • Connect to Live Block for faster control of performance and production parameters
For studio, stage and anywhere in between
Compact and lightweight, Seaboard Block works anywhere you make your music.
  • Perform on stage, and show the crowd a new dimension of sound
  • Produce in the studio, on the most compact MPE keyboard
  • Transport it easily, and play anywhere
  • Seaboard Block.
  • ROLI Studio.
  • Strobe2.
  • Tracktion Waveform 8.
  • ROLI Dashboard.
  • Max MSP License (Six Months).
  • ROLI Connect.
  • USB-C to USB-A Cable.
  • Quick Start Guide.
  • One Year Full Warranty.
  • Width: 282mm (11 inches).
  • Height: 24.7mm (1 inch).
  • Depth: 141mm (5.5 inches).
  • Weight: 650g (1.43 pounds).
  • 10 hour battery life.
  • 4 hour charge time.
  • USB-C port (MIDI out and power).
  • Full MIDI compatibility over USB and Bluetooth LE.
  • Power: USB / DNA Input Voltage: 5.0V ± 0.2V DC, 4 DNA connectors.
  • Bluetooth: 15 meter Bluetooth range. Mac OSX only.
Desktop Requirements:
  • Mac OSX 10.13+.
  • Windows 10+.
  • Intel Dual Core i5 2.5GHz+.
  • 4 GB RAM (8 GB RAM recommended).
  • 2 GB hard drive space.
  • Internet connection to register/download software.
Uniquely responsive surface and 5D Touch technology.


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