Turn this knobs to the right!

The TUF club is here to announce our regular DJ Mashup Parties. We are on the lookout for an epic DJs with a passion for creating sick mixes that will get the dance floor pumping and jumping or crying from joy.

If you are a DJ with a unique sound and love experimenting with different music genres, we want you to join us! You'll have 20 minutes to showcase your skills, with no limits on what you can play. From hip hop to black metal, folk to neo-reggae, techno to tekno, and everything in between - we want to hear it all!

So, whether you're a seasoned pro, coach producer, or an up-and-coming talent, come and join us at the TUF for a charming night of music and dancing.

DM at telegram chat to register — https://t.me/agasi_mag
and wait for invitation!